Stretch - 10 Passengers Rates

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OAK BROOK$135$165$165
OAK FOREST$195$205$185
OAK LAWN$190$185$175
OAK PARK$135$155$155
OLD MILL CREEK$130$140$150
OLYMPIA FIELDS$145$140$140
ORLAND HILLS$145$155$145
ORLAND PARK$195$185$175

Please add 20% gratuity per trip. Add 9% tax to the total if paying with a credit card.

Additional charges may apply for trips in rush hour traffic or bad weather.

For reservations made less than 1 hour before the pick-up time we charge additional $20 for rush order.

BG Limousine Service reserves the right to change the rates at any time.

Your rate quote is based on the information provided at the time your reservation was made. Additional charges can result from changes to your service during your trip, such as extra stops, waiting time, or extending the duration of your trip/charter.